Some Kind of Hero

Some Kind of Hero – The Remarkable Story of the James Bond films by Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury, is the first biography of the making of the James Bond series, drawing on hundreds of unpublished interviews with the cast and crew.

In July 2018, a fully updated new paperback edition was released, with more information on SPECTRE and chapters about the upcoming BOND 25 film and a foreword by Bond actor George Lazenby.



Ironically, for someone who didn’t want to get typed as James Bond, it’s the one thing I always get asked about. It always comes back to 007. Over the years I became the rogue Bond, the guy who turned his back on the most coveted role in cinema, To this day, journalists remain fascinated how a male model, who had never stepped on a movie set in his life, convinced two of the most powerful producers in the business, that he was the guy to fill Sean Connery’s shoes. I guess it is a fascinating tale.

I had no fear when I went up for the role. I nearly died as kid and coupled with growing up in a rough Australian suburb, I threw myself 100% into life. When I was cast in 1968, people around me felt 007 seemed to be out of vogue, not current – part of the Establishment. I wasn’t a dedicated actor – I just wanted to have a good time: make love, not war.

Discussing my recollections of making On Her Majesty’s Secret Service for this book stirred many memories; chiefly what it was like to be at the centre of the James Bond storm. One minute I was standing in Harry Saltzman’s office being offered the the biggest role in show business and 18 months later I was back in Australia where I started. I soon got back on my feet and since then have lived so many lives and enjoyed and endured so many rich, life changing experiences.

This year, I returned to Piz Gloria in Switzerland where I made the film, some 45 years ago. I was warmed by the generations of people from all around the world who had come to celebrate my Bond film which has aged like a vintage wine. It has gone on to become a firm favourite amongst 007 connoisseurs.

I’ve enjoyed contributing to SOME KIND OF HERO and I hope it both informs and entertains you. Matthew and Ajay have done a great job in telling my part of the remarkable story of the James Bond films.

George Lazenby
Los Angeles, August 2015