The Making Of On her Majesty's Secret Service

by Charles Helfenstein

George Lazenby’s performance as James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is so thrilling that it has inspired fans for 5 straight decades.

One incredibly passionate fan took 10 years to thoroughly research and completely document how George landed the role, and the challenging 9 month shoot that followed, and the deep legacy and impact the film has had on the Bond series.

That result is the 289 page, lavishly illustrated book, The Making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The making of On Her Majestys Secret Service Charles

Based on years of research, hundreds of interviews, and exclusive access to the archives of author Ian Fleming, screenwriter Richard Maibaum, and director Peter Hunt, this inside look features never-before-published script details, storyboards, production documents, interviews, memos, marketing material, call sheets, and hundreds of rare, behind-the-scenes photographs of the cast and crew, including sequences and entire sets not seen in the film. From novel to script to screen, this book details the incredible journey of making the most unique entry in the James Bond film series, the longest running, most successful film franchise in history. This is not the white-washed “authorized” story, but the real story.


“This is really THE ultimate book on George Lazenby’s first and only shot as Ian Fleming’s James Bond. Everything you ever wanted to know about the film is in this great tome. It is also a superb companion to the Ultimate DVD/Blu-ray edition of the film. The time and efforts Charles Helfenstein has put into his research is clearly evident, a must read for every aficionado of the James Bond series. I can highly recommended this book.”
– Anders Frejdh, Editor of From Sweden with Love

“Extremely well written”
– Michael Reed, BSC, Director of Photography, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

“A landmark book for anyone interested in cinema and popular culture…I was stunned by how much Helfenstein uncovered that I never knew!”
John Cork, producer of the James Bond DVDs & author of James Bond: The Legacy, Bond Girls are Forever, and The James Bond Encyclopedia

“This is the most comprehensive look behind the scenes of a James Bond movie EVER…
There is more information contained in the photo captions than you’ll find in the entire text of most ‘making of’ books.”
– John Cox, The Book Bond


2014-09-14 The Making of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Charles Helfenstein Interview (James Bond Radio), watch it below:

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