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Between May 25 and June 2, 2019, the James Bond fan community celebrated the 50th anniversary of their favourite entry in the series, ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE.

Over a nine day period, fans were taken back to the two principal filming locations, Estoril (Portugal) and Mürren (Switzerland), where they enjoyed location tours, cocktail parties and dinners in the presence of original cast & crew members. It became the largest cross-border James Bond fan event ever and original 007 GEORGE LAZENBY was present for the full event period.

This booklet tells the story of how the OHMSS50 event came about. Illustrated by the fabulous photographs made by event photographer Sascha Braun, it will talk you through the event from day to day.

The Making of OHMSS50

Includes personal words from cast & crew members George Lazenby, Joanna Lumley, Terence Mountain, Catherine Schell, Helena Ronee, Vic Armstrong, Eddie Stacey, John Glen, Michael Reed, Sylvana Henriques and Steven Saltzman.

Text written by Martijn Mulder, photographed by Sascha Braun.
Paperback – 210x210mm – Full colour cover & interior – 136 pages
ISBN: 9789081329439
Published by: DMD DIGITAL
Price: 25 EUR (excl. shipping)