George Lazenby


2017 Death GameGeneral Bullmount
Director: Gregory Hatanaka
Production company: CineRidge Entertainment
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2016 A Winter RoseHenry
Director: Riz Story
Production company: A Winter Rose
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2016 Dance AngelsCaptain Hugo
Director: James Black
Production company: Gulf Atlantic Pictures

2014 Legit (TV Series) … Jack Jefferies
Director: Peter O’Fallon
Production company: FX Productions

2003 Winter Break … Campbell Grady
Director: Marni Banack
Production company: Candlelight Pictures Distribution: Screen Media

2002 Spider’s Web Leland De Winter
Director: Paul Levine
Production company: Mainline Releasing
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1999-2000 Batman Beyond (TV Series) … Mr. Walker/King
Director: Butch Lukic/Dan Riba
Production company: Warner Bros Animation

1999-2000 Four Dogs Playing PokerCarlo
Director: Paul Rachman
Production company: Half Moon Entertainment
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1999-2000 The Pretender (TV Series) … Major Charles
Director: Frederick King Keller
Production company: 20th Century Fox Television
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1999 Gut Feeling
Director: Ian Sears
Production company: Upstart Pictures

1999 Baywatch (TV Series) … Commander McCabe
Director: Gregory J. Bonann
Production company: GTG Entertainment

1999 Batman Beyond: The Movie (TV Movie) … Mr. Walker/The King (voice)
Production company: DC Comics

1998 Star of Jaipur John Steele
Director: Chris McIntyre
Production company: Pittsburgh Pictures
Trivia: co-starring Linda Gray

1998 Diagnosis Murder (TV Series) … Vince Thatcher
Director: Frank Thackery
Production company: Dean Hargrove Productions
Trivia: starring Dick Van Dyke

1998 Team Knight Rider (TV Series) … Nigel Davies
Director: Gilbert Alexander Wadsworth III
Production company: Copp & Goodman Television

1996 Fox Hunt Chauncey
Director: Michael Berns
Production company: 3vision
Trivia: co-starring Rob Lowe

1994 Twin Sitters Leland Stromm
Director: John Paragon
Production company: Surge Productions Inc.

1994 Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TV Series) … Chi’Ru Master
Director: Zale Dalen
Production company: Warner Bros. Television
Trivia: co-starring David Carradine

1993 Fox Hunt (Video Game) … Chauncey
Director: Michael Berns
Production company: 3 Vision Games

1993 The Evil Inside MeGrandinetti
Director: Tim Everitt
Trivia: co-starring Sage Stallone

1993 GettysburgBrig. Gen. J. Johnston Pettigrew
Director: Ron Maxwell
Production company: TriStar Television
Trivia: co-starring Tom Berenger, Martin Sheen & Stephen Lang
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1993 Emmanuelle’s Secret (TV Movie) … Mario
Director: Francis Leroi
Production company: 21st Century Film France
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1993 Emmanuelle’s Perfume (TV Movie) … Mario
Director: Francis Leroi
Production company: 21st Century Film France

1993 Emmanuelle’s Magic (TV Movie) … Mario
Director: Francis Leroi
Production company: 21st Century Film France

1993 Emmanuelle’s Love (TV Movie) … Mario
Director: Francis Leroi
Production company: 21st Century Film France

1993 Emmanuelle’s Venice (TV Movie) … Mario
Director: Francis Leroi
Production company: 21st Century Film France

1993 Emmanuelle’s Forever (TV Movie) … Mario
Director: Francis Leroi
Production company: 21st Century Film France

1993 Emmanuelle’s Revenge (TV Movie) … Mario
Director: Francis Leroi
Production company: 21st Century Film France

1992 Eyes of the BeholderJack Wyman
Director: Lawrence L. Simeone

1990 Superboy (TV Series) … Jor-El
Director: Richard J. Lewis/Andre R. Guttfreund
Production company: Cantharus Productions
Trivia: co-starring Britt Ekland

1989 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV Series) … James
Director: Peter Crane
Production company: Paragon Motion Pictures

1989 Freddy’s Nightmares (TV Series) … Dr. Clark
Director: Jonathan R. Betuel
Production company: New Line Cinema
Trivia: Water Gotell also appears in this episode

1987 Hell HuntersHeinrich
Director: Ernst Ritter von Theumer
Production company: International Screen
Trivia: starring Maud Adams
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1986 Never Too Young to DieDrew Stargrove
Director: Gil Bettman
Production company: Paul Entertainment
Distributor: Shout Factory
Trivia: co-starring Gene Simmons
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1985 Cover Up (TV Series) … Simon Locke
Writer: Glen A. Larson
Production company: 20th Century Fox Television

1984 Rituals (TV Series) … Logan Williams
Production company: Telepictures Productions

1984 The Master (TV Series) … Mallory
Director: Ray Austin
Production company: Michael Sloan Productions
Trivia: starring Lee Van Cleef

1984 Hotel (TV Series) … Emmett Saunders
Director: Philip Leacock
Production company: Aaron Spelling Productions
Trivia: starring James Brolin

1983 The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. (TV Movie) … J.B.
Director: Ray Austin
Production company: Richard Sloan Productions
Trivia: co-starring Patrick MacNee and Anthony Zerbe
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1983 Bring ‘Em Back Alive (TV Series) … Captain Hayward
Director: George McCowan
Production company: Schenck/Cardea Productions

1982 General Hospital (TV Series) … Reginald Durban
Production company: American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

1981 Last HaremPrince Almalarik
Director: Sergio Garrone
Production company: Amakar International Film
Trivia: starring Corinne Cléry

1979 B.J. and the Bear (TV Series) … Burglar/Paul
Director: DesmondRay Austin/Jeff Gold
Production company: Glen A. Larson Productions

1979 Saint Jack Senator
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Production company: Copa del Oro
Trivia: co-starring James Villiers
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1979 Hawaii Five-0 (TV Series) John Cossett
Director: Don Weis
Production company: Leonard Freeman Production
Trivia: starring Jack Lord and co-starring Victoria Principal

1978 The Newman Shame (TV Movie) John Brandy
Director: Julian Pringle
Production company: Gemini Productions

1978 An Evening in Byzantium (TV Movie) Roger Tory
Director: Jerry London
Production company: GLP Productions
Trivia: co-starring Patrick Macnee

1978 Death Dimension Capt. Gallagher
Director: Al Adamson
Production company: Harry Hope/Spectacular Film Productions
Trivia: co-starring Harold Sakata

1977 The Kentucky Fried Movie The Architect
Director: John Landis
Production company: KFM Films
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1977 Cover Girls (TV Movie) Michael
Director: Jerry London
Production company: Columbia Pictures Television
Trivia: co-starring Don Johnson

1976 The Quest (TV Series) Sydney
Director: Bernard McEveety
Production company: David Gerber Productions
Trivia: starring Kurt Russel

1976 International Assassin/A Queen’s Ransom George
Director: Shan-Hsi Ting
Production company: Golden Harvest Company

1976 Is There Anybody There? (TV Movie) John Hersey
Director: Peter Maxwell
Production company: Gemini Productions

1975 The Man from Hong Kong Jack Wilton
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Production company: British Empire Films Australia
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1974 Matlock Police David Parkes
Director: Simon Wincer
Production company: Crawford Productions

1974 Stoner Joshua Stoner
Director: Feng Huang
Production company: Golden Harvest Company

1973 Play for Today David Adler
Director: Roy Battersby
Production company: British Broadcasting Corporation

1972 Who Saw Her Die?Franco Serpieri
Director: Aldo Lado
Production company: Dieter Geissler Filmproduktion
Trivia: co-starring Anita Strindberg & Adolfo Celi
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1971 Universal Soldier Ryker
Director: Cy Endfield
Production company: Appaloosa Entertainment
Trivia: Ronan O’Rahilly in another role

1969 On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceJames Bond
Director: Peter Hunt
Production company: EON Productions Ltd
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2017 And the Winner Isn’t
Director: Nik Panic
Producer: Ambra & Geoffrey Moore
Production company: And the Winner Isn’t Production
Distributor: K Street Productions

2017 Becoming Bond
Director: Josh Greenbaum
Producer: David de Rothschild, Josh Greenbaum, Chris Leggett & Rafael Marmor
Production company: Delirio Films
Distributor: Hulu

2012 Everything or Nothing
Director: Stevan Riley
Producer: John Battsek & Simon Chinn
Production company: Passion Pictures/Red Box Films
Distributor: Epix/Sony Pictures Releasing

2008 Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation!
Director: Mark Hartley
Producer: Bruno Charlesworth, Craig Griffin, Jonathan Shteinman, Michael Lynch, Nick Batzias & Paul Wiegard
Production company: City Films Worldwide
Distributor: Magnet Releasing

2002 Inside ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’
Director: John Cork
Producer: Bruce Scivally, David Naylor & John Cork
Production company: Cloverland
Distributor: MGM Home Entertainment

1999 The James Bond Story
Director: Chris Hunt
Producer: Chris Hunt
Production company: Iambic Productions
Distributor: WinStar Home Entertainment

1993 Death by Misadventure: The Mysterious Life of Bruce Lee
Director: Toby Russell
Producer: George Tan
Production company: Golden Media Group
Distributor: Caroland

1992 30 Years of James Bond
Director: Lorna Dickinson & Alasdair Macmillan
Producer: Lorna Dickinson
Production company: London Weekend Television (LWT)
Distributor: London Weekend Television (LWT)